Kevin’s routine shoeing services include:

  • Basic trim
  • 2 shoes
  • 4 shoes

Kevin also offers the following specialized services:

  • Young Horses: Ideally, young horses should start to be “trimmed” around 1 month of age and should be checked every 6 weeks throughout their youth. It’s important for young horses to be trimmed on a regular basis early on in their lives, as it builds the correct foundation for them to grow on.
  • Glue-On Shoes: For horses that are constantly losing shoes, and consequently, losing hoof wall, it can become difficult to nail on shoes without further damaging the hoof (especially if the horse pulls their shoes).  Glue-on shoes are often the perfect solution to this problem.  Oftentimes, horses will only need a few shoeing with glue-ons and then be fine for traditional shoes.
  • Therapeutic/Corrective:  Does your horse have ringbone? Navicular? Or another chronic issue? I’m happy to work with your vet to create a shoeing program to keep your horse sound, happy and working.

Prices vary depending on number of horses and distance traveled.

“Kevin is a skilled farrier. He is easy to work with, and willing to learn and try new ways to manage problems. Kevin not only conducts himself as a professional but communicates well with both veterinarians as well as horse owners. Most importantly, Kevin cares about the horses he works on and treats them and the owners with respect.” ~ Dr. Will Engel and Dr. Lauren HendricksonRidgeview Veterinary Practicelogo-Ridgeview

New Blessing Farm highly recommends Kevin Oyarzo. Kevin is knowledgeable, accessible, and pleasant to work with. He is especially good at the trimming and shoeing of youngsters, and he has trimmed two Hunter Breeding Zone Champions for us, as well as a — USEF Reserve National Champion. Additionally, he has done a fantastic job on a special case of corrective shoeing for us!” – Karen Severns, Owner, New Blessing Farm  servic4